Saturday, 30 November 2013

Vindolanda: Roman Fort & Museum

We return to Hadrian's Wall Country and a visit to the Roman fort and museum at Vindolanda. 
Entrance to the fort and museum.
Path leading to the site of the fort. 
The old well.
Ruins of the fort. 
This was the road through the west gate. 
The outer wall of the fort.
Inside the fort.
Looking toward the west gate.  
Path over the bridge to the museum.
An eagle sculpture.
The Temple of the Nymphs.
The stream and bridge. 

Roman statue.

One of the nymphs.
The Temple.
Old roundhouses.
The Bath House.
South west corner of the fort.
A reconstruction of what the fort would have looked like.
Along the wall. 
The Milecastle.

(Thanks to Mooncat755 for al lof the above images).

Friday, 29 November 2013


Bentham, in North Yorkshire (just!)  was the very first place to be featured on North West Images when I started the photo blog back on 12th January 2013. So it was about time a return visit was made. As can be seen from above, it was just about a month ago that I was there - the sign being a bit of a give away!
The main street.  
Looking in the other direction.
There has to be a connection here? The shop is called 'Pigtails' and the yellow sign states 'overhead hazard.'
Spotted in a window.
Armstrong's, just one of several local shops in the village. 
The Coach House pub dates from the 17th century and was originally called the Brown Cow.
Just across the road from the Coach House, on the corner of Station Road, is the Black Bull. It formerly had stables catering for travellers in coaching days. 
Window of the Black Bull.
Have you ever seen a bus shelter painted like this? 
The War Memorial.
A bell and a sun dial. The building used to house the infant school, but since 1983 has been a library.

A display outside a shop.

The traders of Bentham seem to make full use of the pavement outside of their premises.
The Town Hall.
Closer look at the tower and the clock.
This road leads to Bentham railway station, which is down the hill, behind where I was stood. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Kendal Christmas Lights

The following set of Christmas Light images were taken on two separate recent visits to Kendal. They are a real mixed batch, some a lot better than others!