Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sunset Over Heysham Head

Morecambe Bay is renowned for its spectacular sunsets. Unfortunately on this occasion, New Years Eve, a large bank of cloud rolled in and obscured most of it! Better luck next time perhaps?

A Walk Around Yealand Conyers: Part 1 of 2

There are numerous paths and tracks to follow in the Yealand Conyers area, near Carnforth. The image above and below show one of the paths through Hyning Wood. 
The trees are obviously quite bare at this time of the year.  

A shaft of sunlight in the wood.
Some fern in Hyning Wood.
Following the narrow path through Hyning Wood.
The end of the woodland.
Some gorse in flower.
Hazel Catkins. 
Looking in an easterly direction.
To the north east.  
Yealnd Conyers Parish Council notice board. 
An old gate.
The Richard Hubberthorne Clock at the former Quaker School in Yealand Conyers.
The old Quaker School building.
Another view of the former Quaker School
An old track.
Further along the track.
Now where does this track lead to?

(Thanks to Mooncat755 for all of the above images. Part 2 will be featured tomorrow).

Monday, 30 December 2013


Waterhead out of the tourist season. Very quiet with few folk about.  
Miss Westmorland moored at the jetty 
Looking across the north end of Windermere.

Although the chalk boards were on display, the cafe was closed. 

Hardly a soul around!
Make a wish.
The Waterhead Hotel.
A view to the south and west of the lake.
A goose having a good shake.

I had the place virtually to myself. 
Sun over the lake.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Kendal Castle

Haivng looked up at the ruins of Kendal Castle high above the town on countless occasions, it wasn't until quite recently that we actually climbed the hill to take a closer look. 

There is quite a view across Kendal from the site of castle. Unfortunately it was a day of low mist. 
The caste is believed to have been built in the 12th century as the home of the Lancaster family, who were then the Barons of Kendal.
The Parr family moved to the castle, the best known member being Queen Catherine Parr, the sixth wife of Henry VIII. However, by the time Catherine had been born, the castle had steadily fallen into disrepair. 

It is surprising just how big an area the caste covers. It looks quite small when you look up at it from the town.
Some of the walls have been reinforced as can be seen in this view. 
It must have been quite a strategic place at one time, overlooking the surrounding countryside. 

The mist had lifted a little over the town of Kendal.
Remains of the outer wall of the castle. (Pic - Mooncat755).

One of the corner roundhouses.

Time to make our way back on another path to the town centre. 

Two of the sculpture seats. 
A beacon which is lit on special occasions. 
Looking up at the steep, stepped path to the castle.