Monday, 31 March 2014

Jenkins Field To Holme Crag

Jenkins Field and Holme Crag are adjacent to each other, on the shore of Lake Windermere. 
Looking out across Lake Windermere.  
It is only a short walk to Home Crag, which can be seen in the middle left of the image amongst the clump of trees. Although relatively close to Waterhead, which is thronged with visitors during the summer months, this remains a peaceful oasis to visit, all the year round. 
I had the place to myself. 
One of the Windermere cruise ships making its way to Waterhead, having sailed from Bowness. 
Making my way towards Holme Crag.
A view looking south along Lake Windermere. 
It is so peaceful here, with only the sound of the water gently lapping ashore.  
Low Wood Hotel seen in the distance. 
I sat here for quite some time, eating my lunch, not seeing a soul. What a view!

The well travelled mascot, complete with winter scarf.
Through the trees back towards Jenkins Field.

The view from Holme Crag. 
Snow on the tops., with the same cruise ship pictured earlier, now off on its return sailing to Bowness. 
Standing at the top of Holme Crag. 


Continuing our visit to the north of Scotland and a view of the centre of the city of Elgin, which is the administrative centre for Moray.

The Tower.

It had started to rain quite steadily by this time as can be seen by the two marks on the camera lens.  
A wet looking centre of Elgin.  
Merry Christmas at the White Horse in March!  
Fresh fish from the nearby port of Lossiemouth. 

Thunderton House. 
I liked the steep curve of these old steps. 
An almost deserted side street after the rain had sent most folk seeking shelter.  

Unusual bed time reading perhaps? 

Sunday, 30 March 2014


A trip over the County border (just!) to North Yorkshire and the village of Ingleton. The old railway bridge, with a banner advertising an Easter Egg Hunt. 

Curlew Crafts and the excellent Emma's tea rooms.

Coffee, buttered toasted teacakes and strawberry jam. 

A view of St. Mary's Church.

Unusual way of displaying flowers. 
Local newspaper headlines. 
Dales of Ingleton. Local butchers. 

Despite the wet weather, a few folk were buying from the fruit and veg stall.

Bernie's cafe and caving shop.
The narrow, one-way, main street through Ingleton.

A splendid stained glass window in St. Mary's Church. 

Forres Mechanics Football Club

Forres Mechanics Football Club play at Mosset Park, which is a short walk from the town centre, and are members of the Highland Football League. 

The current spectator capacity of Mosset Park is 2,700. However the record attendance for the ground is 7,000 when the Mechanics lost 0-5 at home to Celtic in the Scottish Cup in 1957. 
The main grandstand has seating for 502 spectators. 

The whole ground was moved a short distance southwards - approximately the width of the pitch - when the A96 road was re-routed around the town of Forres, and the old main stand, which was then the biggest in the Highland League was demolished. The ground is owned by Moray Council who rent it to the football club for £4,500 per year.
 (Details courtesy of Wikipedia).