Saturday, 31 May 2014

Southport: Lord Street: Part 1 of 2

Lord Street in Southport is well known for its long row of shops with their Victorian glass canopies, which are located on one side of the road. The view above shows the north end of Lord Street. The shops are on the other side of the street.

There are a mixture of small, individual shops, and well established High Street names. 

The Waterstones book shop was originally a bank. 
A closer look over the entrance to Waterstones, gives a date of 1833. 

This grand looking building was formerly the Preston Bank, dating from 1889. It then became the Midland Bank, and then the HSBC Bank. 

The Tourist Information Centre was empty. A note on the door stated that it had moved to the nearby Library.
Town Hall Gardens, with Lord Street to the left. 

A fountain in the Town Hall Gardens. 
There are some fine looking buildings on Lord Street, this one now having  Ernest Jones the Jewellers on the ground floor. 
The Scarisbrook Hotel.
Locals, with their shopping, waiting for the next bus. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Southport: Wayfarers Arcade

The Wayfarers Arcade is a Grade II listed structure in Southport's famous shopping street - Lord Street. Opened in October 1898, it was originally called the Leyland Arcade, being named after Southport M.P. Sir Herbert Leyland. 
The design of the glass roof is striking and allows plenty of natural daylight. 
One of the specialist, individual shops in the Arcade. 
The chap on his knees on the left was making a repair to the steps. 
A fine looking statue of Red Rum, a former Grand National winner. See image below for further details. 

A view from the higher level of the Arcade. 

The entrance from, and exit to Lord Street.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Seatoller: Part 3 of 3

What a great place for a bus stop. Look at that view.

Across the field to Seatoller.

There are far more sheep than humans in Seatoller. 

National Trust landrover. 

The bus arrives at Seatoller. Time for me to leave and go back to Keswick. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Seatoller: Part 2 of 3

Looking down on the Borrowdale valley.

A tumbling, boulder strewn beck.

A bus from Keswick about to start the ascent of Honister Pass heading for Buttermere. 

A very old barn.

I wonder how many actually use this remote telephone box? 
The Post Box for Seatoller. 
A dog taking someone for a walk.