Friday, 31 May 2013

Ted's New Bed

My cat, Ted, has found a new place to have a nap in the sunshine!


The following images were taken last Wednesday as I walked into Ambleside from Holme Crag (see yesterday for views of that). Hayes Graden World has expanded tremendously over the years compared to what it used to be. You can now spend some considerable time there shopping or just looking. 
The building to the right is a fairly recent addition. 
Water sculpture.
The Log House restaurant.
Seen in an empty shop window!
Clock tower of the former Town Hall.
Wishing Well. Have to say it reminded me of a posh looking gents urinal!!
Compston Road.
A chippy that I have visited on previous occasions. Not this time though. 
Name and number plates on slate.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Waterhead To Holme Crag Walk

After a short walk along the road from Waterhead, you squeeze between the wall by using this 'stile.' 
Then make your way along the field path and over the bridge to the shore of Lake Windermere. Note the balloon that has become wedged underneath the bridge. 
Amongst the trees on the shore.
There are a few of these small boats to see,  as you make your way along the Lake side. 
You soon reach Holme Crag where you can get superb views along the Lake toward Bowness.  I loved the shape of these trees, forming an archway,  alongside the Crag 

Looking across to the south side of the Lake.
From the top of Holme Crag. 
And again!
There are three large cruise ships on the Lake. 'Teal' is seen from Holme Crag making its way to the pier at Waterhead. The other two ships are called, 'Swan' and 'Tern'.


Waterhead is situated at the north end of Lake Windermere, about a mile from the town of Ambleside. 
Passenger launch that links various points on the Lake.
General view of the area. 
This novel and unusual form of transport - a converted electric milk float - carries passengers to and from Waterhead to Ambleside, although there is also a regular conventional bus service as well.  
Although it is called Ambleside Pier as far as the cruise ships are concerned, the nearby bus stop still uses Waterhead Pier as its name! Ambleside being at least one mile away. 

At The Pier cafe, 
We know our place.
Rowing boats for hire on the Lake. 
ice cream and ale.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Kendal Town Centre

The light levels were very poor in Kendal yesterday, however, here are a few images. The first of which is the impressive looking building that houses the town library. 
Kendal Town Hall and clock tower. 
It's surprising what you can spot when you look up at buildings! A ruffled looking hog. (Pic - Lynda Braithwaite).
Just across the road from the hog are the Elephant Yard shops. 
This group of street musiicians are also seen in Lancaster city centre from time to time. Very good they are too. 

The Tea Rooms on Kendal's Highgate. Don't try to cross the road here though!  
The War Memorial standing guard over the Market Place. 
Sit a while under the Birdcage.
Looking down the pedestrianised Finkle Street. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Morecambe Promenade

The following images were taken during Bank Holiday weekend. An unusual view of  the west end of Morecambe Promenade to start with. 
The sweep of the deserted beach. 
An architectural disaster? The cafe, located at the area known as the Battery. 
Looking toward the Battery area.  It was just after 10am when I took this image. Way too early for most people to be out and about it seems!
A rocky breakwater, looking out across to the other side of Morecambe Bay. 
At last - humans! A few on the beach, with The Midland Hotel at the top right of the image. 
Another planning disaster. Ugly and a blot on the landscape, the Polo Tower. Apparently it cannot be taken down as there is a mobile phone mast at the top of it, and it is contracted to stay there for so many years. 
The Stone Jetty, with the cafe building at the end of it. 
Another view of The Stone Jetty. 
Bird sculptures can be found along a section of the Promenade. 
Another one. 
The rear of the Art Deco, Midland Hotel.
The flower beds are looking a picture. 
A Royal National Lifeboat Institution Hovercraft - called the 'Hurley Flyer' - It is used to skim across the treacherous sands of Morecambe Bay. It has been used for numerous rescues.