Friday, 2 August 2013

Lancaster City Centre

Market Street. A Tuesday morning in Lancaster city centre. 
Penny Street. 
Another view of Market Street.
Entrance to the St. Nicholas shopping arcade, now renamed 'St. Nics.' to try and be trendy!
Inside 'St. Nics.' 
This area of the arcade has recently had a makeover and there is still ongoing work as can be seen on the left. 

Not many shoppers around. 
No consistency here, as the old name, St Nicholas arcade is still being used. 
The lower end of Penny Street.
Lancaster Bus Station.


  1. Good to see a well designed shopping mall that blends into the old city quite well. I'm surprised you were allowed to take photographs inside though, maybe you weren't supposed to?

  2. I didn't see anything that stated no photography., unlike the shopping centre in Kendal. I can never understand why there has to be a restriction. What don't they want people to see?