Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lancaster St. George's Quay

St. George's Quay was built in 1750, during Lancaster's golden age as a port. Lancaster imported sugar, cotton, rum and mahogany, whilst exporting furniture and general merchandise to the British Colonies in North America and the West Indies.  It was also a centre for the unsavoury slave trade. The River Lune is tidal at this point. Lancaster city centre is in the distance, whilst the former Quay area is on the right.
Across the Lune toward the Quay. 
The Millennium footbridge with dark clouds gathering. 
The Quay looking from the Millennium Bridge. 
The old warehouses have been converted into offices and expensive river side apartments. 

This building was the Customs House. It is now home to the Lancaster Maritime Museum. Designed by Richard Gillow, it opened in 1764.

The side of the Customs House. The plaque on the wall can be seen in the above image. 
One of two pubs on the quay side,. This one is the Wagon & Horses.
More apartments, one of which is up for sale.
Carlisle Bridge which 'carries' the West Coast main railway line, 
There is an ongoing large redevelopment scheme taking palce at this end of the Quay. This warehouse, along with others which have already 'disappeared' are making way for housing. 
The other pub on the Quay is the George & Dragon.
Victoria Wharf. A reminder of when Lancaster was an important port. 

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  1. Lovely old dockside wharfs and buildings, is there a millenium bridge at every dockside? It would seem so. David.