Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bilsborrow: The Lancaster Canal

Bilsborrow is situated south of Garstang, where there always seem to be a good selection of narrowboats and cruisers moored on the Lancaster Canal.
Reflections on the Canal. Dreamcatcher.
Terrapin. The building in the background - Guy's - is a restaurant.  
Genevieve, which has also recently been seen moored on the Canal at Carnforth. 
Seagull' Looking south toward Preston.  
There are numerous opportunities for photographs along this stretch of the Lancaster Canal. A visitor from the Huddersfield Narrow Canal perhaps?
Idyllic? Moor your narrowboat and then sit beside the Canal with a drink or three? 
Gwendolen. Note the attractive artwork. 
This narrowboat was up for sale.

Also for sale was the Carly Warly.
Have family, will travel.
North of the moorings at Bilsborrow.

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  1. I've always enjoyed canals, narrowboats and have walked for miles along them. There's always that anticipation that there might be something unexpected just around the next bend, but there never is! I still have to have a look though.
    An enjoyable set of pictures.