Monday, 22 April 2013

Lancaster Priory

Lancaster Priory is situated alongside Lancaster Castle. ARoman structure existed on the site prior to others, possibly around the year 200. A Saxon church is thought to have stood on the site from the sixth century.In 1912 excavations revealed a wall beneath the present chancel area which may be from Roman times, and a small Saxon doorway has been exposed in the west wall of the present nave.
I found the Priory to be very welcoming (as the sign states) and a very peaceful 'space' to visit.
It is indeed an impressive structure, and one that I had to myself whilst I was there. 
There are several stained glass windows. 
A view that the choir would have.
Plaques such as this one always fascinate me, with great historical detail.
The organ pipes.
The Priory is situated high above the city of Lancaster.
A final view of the Priory with part of the nearby castle walls on the left.

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