Sunday, 14 April 2013

Wigan Town Centre

There are several Tudor-style buildings in Wigan town centre.
Saturday shoppers. It was busy in Wigan.
Another view of the main shopping street.

Entrance to the Grand Arcade shopping centre.
Inside the Grand Arcade.
Like so many shopping centres around the country, it lacked character. Cold looking.
Popular with shoppers though.
Souvenir seller. Wigan Athletic Football Club were playing at Wembley in an FA Cup semi-final a week later. 
Statue of George Formby, What a shame that those dreadful Paintball banners were placed behind it. 


  1. Attractive old buildings, I'm of the same opinion as you regarding the newer shopping malls. No picture of Wigan Pier tho'?

  2. Thanks for all your comments as usual, David. Always welcome. Unfortunately Wigan Pier is a little way out of the town and I didn't have time to go there as I was travelling around by bus and wanted to move on to Bolton. Next time maybe!

  3. Mike I don't know what I expected Wigan to look like having never been there, but I must say I am pleasantly surprised to see such an attractive town! Also I love the many various market photos you take. I prefer markets to modern shopping malls too but sadly in my part of Canada the markets are few and far between and not as interesting as the ones in the UK. The shopping malls on the other hand are everywhere!


  4. I agree with you Andrea. So many of the so-called purpose built shopping centres lack imagination. I find them very much the same wherever you are. They lack character. In complete contrast markets are colourful and have areal atmosphere to them. I do enjoy taking photos of them. Thanks for looking at the site!