Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Skipton: Leeds - Liverpool Canal

Canals and Narrowboats always seem to be very photogenic to me. This stretch of the Leeds - Liverpool Canal in Skipton always provides many photographic opportunities. A very busy waterway. 

Little 'Leo' waits to take passengers on a short trip along the Canal.

This Narrowboat is named 'June.' The ducks are having a look as well. 
The Hat Boat.
I love that logo for Moongazer. 

'The Musician No.4.'
This Narrowboat may have been on an 'Escapade?'

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  1. Boats and water must be my favourite subject, nice to see someone else has the same interest. Lovely images, Skipton was another of our stopping off points on the way to The Lakes (it's a wonder we ever got there!). We also like Gargrave, just a mile or two along the A65.
    Lovely images Mike.