Sunday, 7 April 2013


A trip into North Yorkshire and the market town of Settle. 
The Market Square and the bus I had got off, having travelled on it from Kirkby Lonsdale. It was to break down in the Square! The queue of people on the left were kept waiting for quite a while for their return trip.
Looking up Constitution Hill from the Square.
Another view of the Market Square.
The well known landmark building in Settle is Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe.
It's a shame that the square is used as a car park, which spoils the views of the buildings and photographic opportunities.
The Town Hall
The Folly. 

More cars in the Square.
A very old building, plus a red telephone box, that is now the Lloyds TSB Bank. 

I wonder what else in the garden shed?!

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  1. Very interesting images from this delightful Yorkshire town. We regularly stopped off here en route to The Lakes when driving up the winding A65.
    That was before the bypass and we never bothered to turn off after that. I believe Settle was the hometown of the late TV presenter Russell Harty.
    Nice to see it again.