Wednesday, 17 April 2013

More From Wray

A secluded cottage, next to the river. 
The River  Roeburn.
Old style wooden direction signs. (Photo - Lynda Braithwaite).
What a great idea for a gate.
Recalling the Wray Flood Disaster.
A local keeping an eye on me.
The French village of Grez-Neuville is twinned with Wray and Hornby.
The shield hangs outside  the village hall. (Photo - Lynda Braithwaite). 
Note the ducks on the top of the sign!
An attractive door. (Photo - Lynda Braithwaite). 
A final look at Wray village. 

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  1. Pleasant looking village and, like me, you picked out one or two quirky little features & signs.